On September 6th, 2017

Fending for Myself

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This last weekend, for many, was a day spent relaxing over a three-day weekend thanks to Labor Day. I, however, spent my time mostly working through the weekend with getting a day off on Sunday. Throughout the month of August, I had a total of five days off, and two of those days off were spent on base doing my mandatory weekend for the military. This was my first day off in about two weeks so you can only imagine how excited I was to relax.

About a week and a half to two weeks before this last weekend, Oregon was the main topic of my girlfriend Breona’s discussion. She was super excited and couldn’t wait to spend time with her mom there as a small reward for doing well in school and her internship to be a Medical Assistant or MA. Come Tuesday or Wednesday of last week, she texted me saying you’re coming over on Thursday right? This is after she asked me to house sit for her so someone was there to watch her dog. I had totally spaced the fact that she was leaving on Thursday. I felt like a ditz, as I knew she was leaving but the synapses in my brain didn’t connect the two together.  I made sure to pack my bag Thursday night to stay for the four nights she was going to be gone. On Thursday, after work, I went over to her house to take care of Kota, the dog.

Upon arrival, I found two sheets of paper with instructions for taking care of her cat Riley (who is for the most part is self-sustaining) and her dog Kota (a rambunctious mix breed from a rescue). I also found a note on the fridge saying that I can eat anything in the freezer and fridge. I opened the freezer and found a note that said you can eat anything in here except her ice cream. I found that funny and laughed to myself about it. That night was a fairly easy night that I spent relaxing after work watching Prison Break and taking care of mostly Kota, as Riley was very easy. For him, all I had to do is make sure his food bowl had food and the water dispenser had water in it.

I went to bed and got up the next morning at my normal time. I made sure Kota had eaten and gone outside to potty. I put her in her kennel and went to work. When I came back after work, Kota had a major accident. I had taken a photo and sent it to Breona and then gave her a call. I had to rinse off the plastic liner and everything but could not get the stain out as the “accident” had soaked in. I won’t show the photo as it was pretty bad. I at least got the smell to go away. I relaxed a bit before heading to bed. I was pretty done with the day as I had not had a day off in two weeks and could not wait until Sunday, but I had a 12 hour day separating me from my much needed time off so I went to bed so as to be ready for it.

Saturday, was spent mainly at work. I had a 12-hour shift and the time seemed to stand still. The only benefit of working security is that sometimes to fill the void; you can throw on a video, movie, or show from YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, or any of the other streaming services. When you need to do a patrol or respond to something, just pause it and take care of it. By Saturday, I was missing Breona like crazy. Normally, we have a routine that allows us to not go more than two days without spending time together. It didn’t help that I was receiving photos and videos via text and iPhoto shared album. I really wish I could have gone, as I haven’t had a vacation in a really really long time. I left work at midnight and headed back to Breona’s. I fed Kota and let her go potty before going to bed.

Sunday was finally here!!! I could not wait for it all week, and now my day off had finally come. I mainly spent my time off watching Prison Break and movies from Breona’s collection. I was missing Breona more than ever, but I was able to relax and distracted myself. I played with Kota and decided I was going to have some pizza for dinner. I went to bed somewhat early as I was tired from the 12-hour shift the day before and I still had to be up early to work the morning shift on Monday.

Monday was an easy day. I got paid time and a half, which made working it that much easier to handle the day-to-day stuff. Due to it being a holiday, I really didn’t have much to do as hardly anybody came through my site compared to normal days. I was super excited that Breona was coming home that day too! After work, I went back to Breona’s and she was home! We had dinner and hung out watching movies on the couch. It was awesome!

I still didn’t eat a whole lot from her fridge as I didn’t help pay for the food, and that kind of ticked Breona off a bit as she doesn’t like me eating out when she has some food there. She didn’t want it to go bad and I get it, but I really only ate the stuff that would go bad and that I liked, like the strawberries.  I found it pretty funny as she made me promise before she left that I would eat her food, and I laughed as she didn’t specify how much or what things to eat.

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