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Triple Aught Design: Fast Pack EDC

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So today I want to talk about a pack that I found a while ago. It’s called the Fast Pack EDC by Triple Aught Design. This pack is awesome! I actually really want it, I just don’t have the dough to fork over for it right now.

So the pack looks like this

This is the Coyote Brown model. The Coyote model is currently out of stock, however in an email today, TAD did email me saying that they expect to have more in that color in December of 2017. They have multiple color variations as well as a smaller version called the Fast Pack Litespeed. Now, one of the things that draws me to this pack is how modular it is. There are so many ways to customize it to suit your need or the mission. There are two parts to the pack. There is the main pack itself, and the tail flap. The pack itself has a velcro panel on the front and underneath that panel is a MOLLE webbing system used to attach accessories. When the tail flap is attached, there is also MOLLE webbing on the outside of that flap.

The main pack has two side compartments, an admin pouch, a dry bag compartment, and paracord lacing system on top with strap attachment system on the bottom. To show you how modular this pack really is, here is a picture.

Triple Aught Design (TAD) really has some innovative features on this pack which makes it stand out from it’s competition. The paracord lacing system on the top can be used to attach a sleeping system as shown in the picture above.  The bottom straps can be used to attach a sleeping mat.

The removable tail flap can be removed or used to store a kevlar helmet; or if you unbuckle the top two buckles, you can let it hang, insert a rifle, and use compression straps to attach the top part of the rifle.

The side compartments on the bottom both have what TAD calls flashlight caves. They are almost as deep as the side compartments and allows you to hide flashlights or whatever else you want with easy access to it while being carried. Inside the flashlight caves are D rings to attach a lanyard to a flashlight for retention purposes.

As I don't have this pack yet, I haven't done a review on it. However I will attach a link towards the bottom of this post. I highly recommend you check out Triple Aught Design and see what else you might like.

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If you want to check out a review on the pack check out the video from Ian "Primal" Talbert over at

If you want to buy the pack, check out Triple Aught Design! 

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